Timing and Luck (1 min read)

I spoke at MediaCom's ComX event yesterday where the theme was evolution and learning from failure. W
Timing and Luck (1 min read)
By Phil Hayes-St Clair • Issue #20
I spoke at MediaCom’s ComX event yesterday where the theme was evolution and learning from failure. We talked about industry disruption and the 7 behaviors that entrepreneurs use to capitalise on opportunities that arise when industries mature or face decline. 
I kicked off the session with this question: How old is Netflix? 
This exposed the role of luck and timing (both how long it takes to build a great company and how long you need to be in the market to create value and experience luck). I’ll be writing more about this shortly. In the meantime, here’s how the audience responded 👇 (and scroll to the end for the correct answer).
And this week on Founder To Founder, meet Nic Hodges and Rob Kawalsky, both of whom have exceptional advice about the three (in Nic’s case, four) habits that founders need to develop to be successful. Enjoy!

🤔 How old is Netflix?
(keep scrolling for the correct answer)
(keep scrolling for the correct answer)
🎧 Episodes 21 & 22
Episode #21
Nic Hodges on the importance of productive habits and how to make the most of the time between ventures
Episode #22
Rob Kawalsky on growing a venture as a new parent, being true to yourself when making decisions and the three habits founders need to be successful.
By the way, Netflix is 19 years old and if you’re open to leaving a review on iTunes for Founder To Founder, I’d really appreciate it. 
Have a great weekend!
- Phil
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