The Golden Rule (4 min read)

This week's post was inspired by a conversation with colleagues from NOAH, one of AirShr's strategic
The Golden Rule (4 min read)
By Phil Hayes-St Clair • Issue #3
This week’s post was inspired by a conversation with colleagues from NOAH, one of AirShr’s strategic partners. I thought it was important to share what we discussed, the golden rule for entrepreneurs.

My weekly post
One Golden Rule Makes Or Breaks Founder Reputations
People nod in agreement when they hear this rule. It’s because the underlying notion is obvious. In fact, it’s almost expected that people follow this rule to the letter. But of all the things you…
This week I also caught up with AGSM MBA Candidate Peter Sahui to talk about becoming a founder on his new blog. 
Phil Hayes-St Clair is a veteran, an entrepreneur, and an MBA alumnus who has — on multiple occasions —generously shared his time and experience with myself and my classmates at the Australian…
This post made a difference this week
The news out of Uber last weekend was horrifying. A woman engineer was unable to get human resources to deal quickly and appropriately with a sexual harassment claim. I don’t know anything more than what I learned in her blog post. Uber is investigating and the full story will likely emerge in due course. I am not interested in piling on Uber right now. Plenty of people doing that.  •  Share
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