Startup Near-Death Experiences (7 min read)

Before we dive into the weekly post I wanted to say that the feedback I've received from launching th
Startup Near-Death Experiences (7 min read)
By Phil Hayes-St Clair • Issue #11
Before we dive into the weekly post I wanted to say that the feedback I’ve received from launching the Founder To Founder podcast has been immensely humbling. 
Thank you for the encouragement and sharing it with friends. It means a ton. 

New From Founder To Founder
#2: Stephanie Lampkin on unconscious bias in hiring great talent, Blendoor and more...
If hiring great talent is important to you, this is a must-listen-to episode!
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My weekly post
7 Near-Death Experiences Your Venture Will Face Before Its 2nd Birthday
If by reading the headline you thought: “We’re different, these things won’t happen to us”, that’s hope talking and it’s time to stop kidding yourself. This will be a dark day whether you see it…  •  Share
Thanks again for reading and have a great week!
- Phil
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