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📖 Scaling Talent & Culture (2 min read)

Two great Founder To Founder conversations await below but this week I'd like to introduce you to a h
📖 Scaling Talent & Culture (2 min read)
By Phil Hayes-St Clair • Issue #26 • View online
Two great Founder To Founder conversations await below but this week I’d like to introduce you to a human resources concept that I was pitched on Tuesday.
You’ll often hear entrepreneurs say that ‘it’s all about the people’. 
They’re right. 
If you’re a founder or CEO of a growing venture you secretly hope that you have the skills to hire the right people, fire those who don’t work out, establish and nurture a great culture, manage payroll and benefits, and carefully think through long-term people strategy, all while doing everything else. 
Each of these tasks involves very different skill sets and although entrepreneurs think they can cover these bases, one wrong move when it comes to people and your company can stall, if not, implode.  
The concept that was pitched to me works with the idea that small ventures (with teams of up to 7-8 people destined to grow beyond 40-60+ people within 18 months) can’t afford to hire a dedicated human resources person. 
Instead, a person highly experienced in talent strategy, culture development and human resources admin for high growth companies joins the venture for three months. 
They work with the founder or CEO to do the heavy lifting on people strategy while creating immediate value by introducing processes and technology to manage admin like payroll and benefits. This also means that your first HR hire has a base to work from and isn’t madly trying to play catch-up as the company grows. 
This concept is long overdue. And if it’s of interest, reply to this email and I’ll connect you with the founder. 

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Thanks again for reading and listening. Have a great weekend!
- Phil
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