Listening and Learning (6 min šŸŽ§)

If my math is correct, you should receive this just in time for your commute today. And by this, I me
Listening and Learning (6 min šŸŽ§)
By Phil Hayes-St Clair • Issue #13
If my math is correct, you should receive this just in time for your commute today. And by this, I mean six one-minute previews of the firstĀ Founder To FounderĀ episodes.
This podcast is specially designed to make commuting, working outĀ and walking the dog more valuable, particularly if youā€™re in the startup trenches, an intrapreneur or thinking about building a business.Ā 
But donā€™t take my word for it, someone left this review on iTunes last week (and Iā€™ll be honest, it made my day)ā€¦
Simple & Captivating -Ā This series is off to an excellent start. Phil has chosen a simple, strong set of questions to ask a wide range of entrepreneurs. Very little puffery and often brutal honesty on how difficult it really is to build something worthwhile. It winds up being all the more inspiring because of the humility of those sharing their stories. Plenty of very useful insights along the way.
So without further adoā€¦

Nothing for Android?
Thanks to Najeeb for calling this out. In addition to listening and subscribing on iTunes (here), Android friends can listen and subscribe on Soundcloud (here) and Stitcher (here).
And if you use another app to listen to podcasts on Android, just reply to this email to let me know what it is and Iā€™ll get on it.
Thanks again for reading and listening, it means a huge amount to me. Have a great week!
- Phil
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